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Tutoring By Engineers Inc.
206 East 73rd Street
New York, NY 10021
T: (212) 879-7300 x15
E: vicki@tutoringbyengineers.com
Services We Offer

Tutoring By Engineers, Inc. "TBE" offers tutoring in math and the sciences, as well as all engineering disciplines including:

- Civil engineering
- Biomedical engineering
- Chemical engineering
- Electrical engineering
- Geology
- Aeronautical engineering
- Environmental engineering
- Mechanical engineering
- Software engineering
- Industrial engineering

Tutoring for Students

TBE provides tutoring services in all areas of mathematics (algebra, geometry, calculus), science (enviromental, biology, and physics)  and engineering (civil, structural, and mechanical) for high school and university students. Services are custom tailored, and may include test preparation and course review. For university students taking the LSAT, MCAT or other graduate admissions tests, we provide tutoring in the math and science sections of these exams.

Tutoring for Adults

TBE provides tutoring for adults at all learning levels in all areas of mathematics and engineering, including professional licensing for architects and engineers, real estate brokers, LEED preparation, general business mathematics, and general business engineering economics.  TBE also offers tutoring for business executives already employed in engineering and technology-related fields who have specific career goals, are pursuing certification,or simply wish to enhance their knowledge base as it relates to their on-going business needs.

Special Education Needs

TBE provides custom tutoring services for individuals of all ages with learning disabilities, or other special needs. Students with learning disabilities or those in financial need may be eligible for state or federal educational assistance for these services.  Students must independently qualify and apply for such governmental assistance programs.

Tutoring services are available on an hourly basis in private sessions and are custom tailored for each student. Tutoring may be avaible as "semi-private", i.e. in a group of two students.  All sessions are conducted on-site at our handicap accessible main office in New York City.  TBE is not affiliated with any government entity.